Privacy Policy

                                              Privacy Policy


You do not need to provide any personal information to visit, but you must provide some information to become a member and shop.

MorMajor respects the confidentiality of the personal information you provide to and does not share this information with third parties, institutions and organizations.

The IP addresses of the computers that are purchased from are recorded in order to be forwarded to legal authorities in any illegal situation.


 Site-Visitor Communication Security

The communication between the site and the visitors on the order pages of our site takes place in 128 bit SSL standard. The communication standard in question is used safely even in many traded sites. It indicates whether this communication format exists on the page where credit card information will be provided, and that the expression written in the address bar when it is accessed is not in http: // .. format but in https: // .. format. When you access pages of this nature, there is a lock mark in the lower right corner of the browser. may inform its members about campaigns, new products at certain times. Whether or not to receive this information depends on what the member wants. This selection can be made in Account Information section.

When is used, the above terms and conditions are deemed to have been accepted.